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Accommodation - George, Western Cape
The book is not intended as yet another dendrological contribution to the floral riches of our land. Botanists, researchers and others have excelled in this respect over years. Neither have I attempted to compile a collection of folklore with trees as theme. 

Roots in African Soil is also not just another book about the experiences of an ex game ranger in the Kruger National Park. Much has already been written in this regard, and I could not contribute further to the romanticism, experiences and legends surrounding the blessed existence of the bush folk in the wilds of Africa. The annals of Selous, Van Zyl, Viljoen, Wolhuter, Stevenson-Hamilton, Pienaar and others already bear testimony to this.

In essence my book is about trees, but at the same time it is also a book about people; to a large extent it is also about me. It talks about the way in which specific trees help carry the main moments of me becoming, and eventually being a person; a person who looks at the world in a specific way. Given the times in which I grew up and became who I am, I have deliberately tried to shy away from allowing my book to be just another politically correct admission of collective guilt; or from constantly becoming sentimental about those times when "things were different". The human side of my book does not dwell in self-pity about the perceived or real "injustices" my kind and I had to suffer when our branches were shaken - when things in our country changed.

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