Apart from memories of smells, tastes and scents of the bush, I also have a treasure of mind's eye pictures of Jackal-berrys, Leadwoods, buffalo, steenbok and other wildlife with me. In my study here on my little "farm" next to a dam in the George area, are a couple of precious, tangible memories as well:

A beautifully crafted handmade sitbankie (bench) made from Jackal-berry wood and a kierie with a knob (grip) that looks like a giraffe's head, also made from the same wood. On both the marks of a small hand axe and the whittle lines of a pocket knife can still be seen. The yellow to reddish wood is smooth and shiny - the result of many years' rubbing and use. It speaks of character. They are gifts from old Kai-Kai...
Knob Thorn
Acacia nigrescens. Nat. no. 178
Afrikaans - Knoppiesdoring
Shangana - N'Khaya
Swati - Umkaya

To be found on most geological formations in the Park but seems to favour the low-lying areas. On the heavy, basaltic clays in the southeast and central areas this tree dominates the landscape. In the central areas, the clays, together with the presence of calcrete cause the Knob Thorn's stunted growth form. On the clays in other areas (for instance on the dolomite intrusions in the western granites) one finds well-developed and large specimens of this tree...
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